My works works

Having knowledge of back-end, database management, front-end, UX/UI Design, and UX Research allows me to approach research from a complete understanding of what the stakeholders need. By understanding the needs, perspectives, and experiences of the users, I can design and implement research that leads to inclusive and impactful designs. I understand the unique contexts, challenges, and opportunities face users. Education and social work plays a vital role in promoting user-centered approaches, enhancing the quality of services, and addressing the complex challenges faced by individuals.

My Medications

  • Several iterations
  • Added features
  • Added/Sunset pages

My Medications Continued

  • Automatic refill center page
  • Sunset auto-refill with
    autopay launch
  • Refill scheduling launch
    auto refill verbaige

Dedicated Cart

  • Implementation of dedicated
    cart page for future up-sale and

Billing & Payments

  • Extended payment plan
  • Invoice modernization page launch

Web & Mobile

  • Most studies completed with both
  • Study to determine tile contents


  • Dashboard Relaunch
  • Data visualization
  • Prototyping

Confidential Projects

  • This project limited
    to team eyes only
  • Several methodologies over
    several projects
  • Confidential Participants

Redesigned Blog

  • End-to-end research and design

Redesigned Landing Page

  • End-to-end research and design

Makeup Organization

  • Creating website end-to-end

Holiday Decoration Location

  • Creating website end-to-end